Cool iPhone Hacks For Teens to Boost Productivity

Use your smartphone like a pro!
Despite the significant number of extraordinary features, most iPhone owners use the device only as a banal ringer. In most cases, they do not even know about many device nuances, like opportunity to sync your iPhone with Outlook, which can greatly facilitate life. We conducted a small sociological poll among almost three hundred different iPhone users, who can hardly be called geeks. Among many problems that they all face every day, they identified five issues and gave a pair of simple tips that do not require a lot of outstanding skills.

Keyboard shortcuts
Create pictures without using touchscreen
Simply call Siri for a long time by touching Home button and ask to turn on a camera. To take a photo, press any volume button on your smartphone or headphones.

Emergency Reset

In those rare cases when iPhone hangs, or you need to free up device's RAM, an emergency restart will help. Just 10 seconds, hold down the Home button and the Lock button.

Press Home button three times

Go to "Universal access" in the basic iPhone settings. Unwind down to tab "Keyboard shortcut" - before you open a list of functions. You can start VoiceOver, color inversion (useful for reading), some display settings, screen magnification, and Switch Control, AssistiveTouch by pressing Home button three times. To turn on magnifying glass by pressing Home button three times, simply select the corresponding item in "Universal Access".

Home button sensor and double-clicking

iPhone users know that double-clicking on the mechanical Home button opens application selection window. But not everyone knows that double tap on sensor button a little "lower" on screen, allowing people with large devices to reach upper icons easily.

Using 3D Touch
If you have an iPhone 6s or newer, using a 3D Touch can make your life easier and save time. This technology will accelerate the movement between applications, make typing more convenient.

Re-assigning volume buttons

iPhone has two volume settings: the first one for calls and notifications, the second for music and applications. Turning off in audio settings of toggle switch "Change by buttons" will fix call volume in current position and will give the side buttons control only music and applications.

Work with text
Undo the last action
Just shake your smartphone, and iOS will prompt you to undo the previous step, whether it's a set, insert or, vice versa, deleting the text.

Fast domain entry
In those cases where keyboard prompts you to enter .com domain quickly, hold your finger on this button. Before you open a list of popular domains where you can quickly switch to the appropriate one.

Removing microphone icon from keyboard
The microphone icon between space and language change button is used for voice input of text. You can remove the icon by moving "Enable dictation" slider in an inactive position in keyboard settings.

Listening to the text
iOS supports "Screen aloud" function. To enable it, activate slider in speech settings: "Settings" → "General" → "Universal access". In order for iPhone to speak the text on the screen, swipe two fingers from top to bottom in any application.

Alarm Clock
Sound Installation for Alarm Clock from Apple Music
The ability to set your favorite song on the alarm clock is not a trick, but the basic iPhone function, which many people do not know. When creating a new alarm, click on the "Sound" tab. Scroll the list to the very beginning, before standard ringtones, find a panel with familiar names and click on "Song selection".

Postpone alarm

It is not necessary to search for corresponding button on the screen to activate snooze function. Click on any side button and iPhone will wake you up again in nine minutes.Such an interval was chosen not accidentally: old mechanical alarms could not count exactly 600 seconds. They did not take into account the current minute and began counting for nine minutes from the next.

Creating an alpha password for unlocking
If you do not trust four or six-digit passwords and do not like Touch ID technology, you can set a long password which consists of letters and numbers.

Go to the code-password settings and select "Change password-code". The system will require you to enter old combination first, and then the new one. On the screen for entering a new password, click on "Code-password parameters" and select an acceptable option.

Increase Touch ID accuracy

Create multiple fingerprints of the same finger to make iPhone more confident and quick to recognize you.

Creating Hidden Pictures

If you take photos of a standard camera application, they will be saved in the library. It is necessary to resort to cunning to protect photo with a password. Turn off photos export and set the password in Notes application settings. Go to creating a new note and tap on camera icon if you want to take a secret shot. After the photo is taken, click on "Export" and select "Block note".

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