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Question! During the conference call someone (I can't remember who, I'm sorry!) mentioned taking them on a road trip to Wisconsin I think it was. Did you mean virtually, through books, or literally? If the latter, how did you manage to get approval to drive them?  Thanks :)

I would also LOVE to know more about this! Library field trips are always a huge challenge, and finding any way to make them happen would be like a miracle! 

Hello Fellow Grant Winners!  I wanted to share what we're doing in Greenfield, NH. 

Our Teen Read Week program - Teen Book Bytes -  is for teens to use technology to create book trailers of their favorite books to promote reading to other teens.

Due to our limited resources, we've expanded the program for the month of October, to ensure teens have the opportunity to come in and use the iPad and the GoPro camera we purchased, with the grant money,  to create their book trailers.

Since we are a rural community, we have opened our program to include our regional middle and high school students, plus we have reached out to local teen groups.  The teens are excited and we have at least eight teens who have begun working on their book trailers!  We have also received a great response from the regional school administration and teachers who have agreed to promote the program in the schools.

Thank you Dollar General Literacy Foundation and YALSA!  The grant is not only providing a great service and resources to our under-served teens in our local library it is also helping the under-served teens in our region!

I use the iMovie templates to create two trailers:

1. to promote the Book Bytes Program, and

2. to promote the YALSA 2015 Teens' Top Ten Nominees.

Visit the Stephenson Memorial Library's YouTube page to view both trailers!

I'd appreciate any feedback, and I look forward to hearing more about your programs.


Hey everyone! Just checking in to see how your events are going this week! My big event is on Saturday, and I'm in super crunch mode trying to get everything ready for the big day. How is everyone else doing? 

It's busy busy busy here in Yuma! We had our first poetry Workshop on Monday.  We had 7 teens show up but we had some great poems come out of it, so the small number was worth it.  Today and tomorrow we have the workshops at two other branches, and our big event is Saturday as well.  Piled on top of that is our Halloween Late-Night Zombie Prom party (separate from TRW) so it is a crazy hectic week for me but it's going great!! 

Does anyone have any information about the final report?


Hello.  I have not yet received any information.  Please let me know when you do.  Thanks, Michele

Please also let me know.  Thanks, Bob

Hi. I received an email this morning.  I hope you all did, too!  Michele



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